Our Vision Providing Legal Services in an institutional and highly professional standard and quality to our client.



Aviation 01

One of the aspects we are generating our focus on is Aviation. We aim to expand our knowledge in Aviation Law, as our Aviation system is evolving and continuously renewing. Nonetheless, the team’s extensive legal knowledge of recent laws will provide our clients a safe, secure, and legalized platform, in which reassures them to practice their aviation business properly.

Banking & Capital Markets


Banking & Capital Markets 02

Saudi Arabia has been conducting Banking Activities since 1952 through the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, which was and still is considered the central bank of the Kingdom. Henceforth, banking is considered one of the utmost important commercial sectors in KSA. Our leading team provides clients with the appropriate legal guidance, in order to ensure smooth banking transactions and sustainable economic growth in their business.

Energy and Infrastructure


Energy and Infrastructure 03

Oil is known as one of the most important boosters of the Saudi economy, and without a doubt many legal transactions will be conducted, whether locally or internationally, due to this important asset. We are aware of the world’s interest in such an asset, that is why our office is well equipped to offer legal assistance based on strong knowledge in this particular field; such as: Oil, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquid, Coal, Renewables, including Solar and Wind.

Entertainment and Sport


Entertainment and Sport 04

With the worldwide famous 2030 vision and generation of creativity, KSA is aiming to be one of the leading countries in entertainment. Therefore, we as a legal entity fixed our attention to various legal matters incorporated with that sector in particular.

Financial Services & Products


Financial Services & Products 05

Recently, the Saudi market has faced a huge progress in its economy, and the usage of financial products have increased especially in banks and other financial institutions. AlShangiti & Associates assists in providing legal services in the financial services sector, including: Investments (Local and Foreign), Insurance, Banking, etc… Also, we advise and consult financial products’ providers and recipients, as well as helping them with any procedures needed in issuing or receiving financial products.


Our Vision Providing Legal Services in an institutional and highly professional standard and quality to our client.

Foreign Investments


Foreign Investments 06

In the past years Saudi Arabia has opened its doors for foreign investments by allowing non-Saudi parties to establish companies and other entities in the Kingdom. Accordingly, our office helps foreign individuals and institutions in participating and forming investments in the Country, in addition to taking the necessary steps in order to follow the changes made in the Kingdom’s legal system.



Insurance 07

We as a law office are aware of the problems derived from insurance services that is why we have experts with the capability to handle company markets’ insurance disputes, in addition to liability and Accident & Health Benefits (A&H) claims. Along with disputes arising from all risks, such as: political and war risks disputes (Force Majeure), property/ business interruption and constructions.

Industry & Commerce


Industry & Commerce 08

When it comes to industry and commerce we serve a wide range of clients with different and very diverse scope of activities, counting individuals, companies, startups, and other institutions, in the commercial, sale of goods, energy, pharmaceutical, maritime, aviation, real estate, and many other fields.



Maritime 09

Due to the rising need of Maritime Law in Saudi Arabia, our team has navigated its attention towards this sector and started representing clients under numerous cases: Cargo Carriage, Operation, Construction, and Rebuilding Disputes, Oil Spills, Water Pollution Claims, Vessel Financing, and Maritime Liens, etc.

Media & Communications


Media & Communications 10

Media is increasingly becoming a crucial instrument and an effective element on the legal. For that reason, AlShangiti & Associates offers its clients the necessary legal work in Media and Communications, through our experienced team.


Our Vision Providing Legal Services in an institutional and highly professional standard and quality to our client.

Medical & Healthcare


Medical & Healthcare 11

Our experienced lawyers can advice and represent multiple parties under this field; Doctors, Patients, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Governmental Bodies (such as the Ministry of Health), etc… Alshangiti & Associates assist any and all of the previous parties in a number of services: Disputes, Contracts, Governmental Procedures, and much more.

Public Sector


Public Sector 12

We offer our services to clients involved in and with the public sector; public companies owned by the government, as well as public companies involved with private-sector partners. Thus, our team is comprised of experienced lawyers, that have been excelling in this field for years now, and are qualified to assist, advise, and represent parties involved in this part of business.



Property 13

In general, there are two types of properties: Movables, such as cars or any object that can be moved from its place. Immovable, such as; real estate, anything that cannot be moved. Our office offers legal services in this sector specially in acquisition of property, Identifying and securing any right attached to their properties, as well as business transactions related to properties; selling, purchasing, or leasing property.